Greta Smith accidentally wrote her first song while riding in the backseat of a car in 2004, but didn’t begin to start churning them out on a regular basis until 2007, when she found herself living alone in a two room house in Phoenix, AZ, far from her native Kentucky.  She kept herself company by writing songs inspired by Louisville music she loved, like Freakwater, and songs by John Prine that she grew up singing with her family in her small town of origin, Lebanon Junction. After moving back to Louisville in 2009, Smith began performing solo under the name Egret, which quickly acquired more members to make a folk-fluid band. Egret released a full length album of Smith’s songs, Bright Up There, in 2010. She has performed alone and with a full band all over the country.

Most recently, Smith has gathered together an impressive group of Louisville musicians to re-form her band into Greta Smith and the Egrets. Their album Old Girls, released in April 2014, features Dan Sturdevant (Blackstrap Molasses, Joel T. Henderson and the Forty Gallon Baptists) on guitar and Katy Hartman (Lady Pyramid) on backing vocals. Old Girls carries on with Smith’s descriptive and insightful storytelling style throughout, while striking a balance between songs that rock and roomy, lonely moments.

Greta is also a writer and creative consultant for the children’s web series, Liberation Living Room.